Basic Yoga for Runners

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With simple yoga poses, you strengthen your muscles, enhance flexibility, and you get to reduce injury risks.

Most runners are structurally balanced. However, sometimes you can go off balance. In this case, your muscles are inflexible making them vulnerable to tears. Using yoga for runners can help bring back the balance. It helps reduce stress on the entire skeletal system.

Also, through yoga poses, you reduce injury risks. Any runner can face an injury. But, these injuries are often due to overuse as opposed to falls. Incorporating yoga postures can help cool-down your workout portions. We recommend that you consider running as the main part of the workout and yoga as the complement. 

Upward dog

Often, runners have weak upper bodies that may have negative effects. By practicing this pose, you can build strength in this area. Specifically, the upward dog pose can help.

Downward dog

As a runner, the most common problems you may experience are knee and foot problems and shin splints. We’ve got good news for you though. Through yoga for runners, you can reduce these problems.There are different yoga postures for knee-pain which a runner can also incorporate in their yoga routine. For runners, we recommend yoga poses that are going to open your upper back, arms, and strengthen your hips and hamstrings. Downward dog is the best for this.

  • Stretch out a hand to the big toe

These poses stretch hamstrings.

First, lie on your back with extended legs. Second, loop a strap around the arch of your left foot. Hold the strap with your hand. Try straightening the knee. Your hamstring will loosen. Remember to be gentle. Take a breath and repeat the same on the other leg.

Other beneficial yoga poses for runners are:

Reclining spinal twist

Through this exercise, you get to relax your lower back and stretch the glutes.

Reclining pigeon

Releases tightness in your hips.

Reclining cow face

Improves your motions in your hips. It also loosens hamstrings.

Key Takeaway

Running is a good workout. However, as a runner, you need some additional exercises to perform better. In this article, yoga for runners, we have listed some yoga poses that can help you feel better at your sport, as you continue performing better.

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