Best yoga for posture correction

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Sitting all day is as bad as smoking. It only increases the risk of depression and obesity but also affects your posture. Bad posture is associated with serious issues such as chronic back and neck pain. Practice yoga and correct that bad posture.

yoga for posture correction

So many people are struggling with bad posture today. There are several reasons why you could be having this problem. Maybe you have spent many hours hunched over a computer. Maybe you have driven for too long. Either way, you will end up having posture problems. You need to figure out how to solve this problem. Otherwise, you will have terrible neck and back pain in the future. Apart from chronic pain, a bad posture affects the confidence level. You must, therefore, work towards correcting it.

In this article, we recommend yoga for posture correction. Yoga has been used for centuries to make life better. It has been used across the world in correcting posture problems. In fact, many people have experienced pain reduction from their body by practicing yoga. In addition to correcting posture, you also get other benefits. Yoga helps reduce stress and improve your focus. This makes your life more productive.

So, how does a correct posture look like?

A correct posture is when the back is totally straight, stomach in, chest out, and shoulders squared and relaxed.  In short, when your body is in a straight line, your posture is correct. If you are a beginner and want to know about the basics read here for details.

How can yoga help correct posture?

By practicing yoga, you will start gaining awareness. To correct your posture, you need awareness of your body. With this awareness, you can correct your stance. This awareness doesn’t develop automatically. It may take days or a few weeks.

When you practice yoga regularly, your body will stretch and strengthen. In response, your spine will straighten itself automatically. Also, your chest will go out, stomach in, and shoulders square. The changes may start happening on the first day of your yoga. However, you will notice the changes after you develop body awareness. Now, we know that yoga can help correct your posture. So, which is the best yoga for posture correction? In the following section, we address this question. We’ll look at some of the best poses to correct your posture.

1. Mountain pose

mountain pose

Mountain pose looks simple to correct a posture. However, it is quite complex. When you do it correctly, you learn to sense when the body is in perfect vertical alignment. You need a lot of practice to do this pose perfectly on your own. When you start practicing, you may overdo it. For example, you may stick your chest out and push the shoulders too far back. Instead, your body should be in a neutral position. Therefore, it is not just standing. It is about finding a proper posture.

2 . Cobra pose

cobra pose

Cobra pose helps in strengthening the back and correcting your posture. Lie on your stomach with hands under the shoulders. Press down and lift the upper body. Draw the shoulders and the back toward the back. Take a breath, relax, and repeat the pose.

3. Cat cow pose

cat cow pose

For a proper posture, it is important to know what is neutral. Cat cow pose helps in this. Through practice, you will be able to discover the ideal and natural curves of the spine. From hands and knees, inhale and round the back. Then, exhale and arch the back. You will learn to judge the neutral position. Notice how the pose feels so that when you stand up you experience it.

4. Downward-facing dog pose

downward facing dog pose

You need strong and flexible muscles for a correct posture. With the Down Dog pose, you can achieve this. From knees and hands, straighten the legs and lift the hips. Reach them to the back. Press the hands into the floor. Allow the neck to relax so that the spine can grow long. Reach the heels to open the back of your legs.

5. Bow Pose

bow pose

This pose helps strengthen the back. It also helps in opening the heart. When you do it correctly, you will feel amazing on your chest and back. Ensure that the body is warmed up for the pose. After laying on your belly, reach the hands back to grab the ankles. Inhale and lift the thighs and upper body. Inhale again and lift the front body. When you release the body down, breath for a few seconds and go for another round.

6. Supported legs up the wall

supported legs up the wall

This pose helps in correcting your posture. It also has other benefits. It relieves stress, reduces leg inflammation, and improves blood distribution. Sit closer to a wall while leaning back onto the hands. Ensure there is no space between the wall and your body. The back of your legs should be up on the wall. Stretch the hands on the floor or rest them on your belly. Close your eyes, relax, and enjoy.

7. Bridge pose

bridge pose

Bridge pose is a gentle backbend pose that opens shoulders as well as the chest. These are two areas that are often restrained by poor posture. Bridge pose also strengthens back giving the spine more support. When laying on your back, inhale. Then, lift your hips while pressing down through the hands and feet. Stay on the pose for five breaths. Exhale, and lower down. Breathe and go for the next round.

8. Plank pose

plank pose

Plank pose is a major pose for building strength. This is an essential part of a good posture. The pose will help you stand tall. Lie on your stomach. Then, lift your body using your spread fingers and feet. Keep all muscles of your legs active. Ensure that the hips are in line with shoulders. Pose for about 30 seconds. Go down, breathe, and go for round two, three, until you work out time is done.

Final Thoughts

Yoga is great for correcting body posture. Remember you need good posture to avoid chronic pain in the future. Through yoga poses, you get to stretch and strengthen your back, chest, abdominals, and shoulders. There are areas that are most affected by sitting all day.

In this article, we have provided the best yoga for posture correction.

By practicing these poses, you will;

  1. Stand taller
  2. Relieve discomfort from bad posture
  3. Open heart
  4. Boost your confidence

A slouched back is a sign of a weak back. When the back is weak, you invite various problems. You may not experience these problems today. But, in the future, things will be bad. Chronic pain will be inevitable. You can create a better future today. Correct your posture now. There is no other better way than yoga. Try our recommended yoga poses and correct your posture today.

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