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Reading is a lifelong process and it helps us acquire skills and information we need in life. Probably you are wondering; do I need to read yoga lifestyle books if I am getting to learn yoga. Yes. Even most yoga experts who have mastered the art of yoga still continue to pursue knowledge through reading.

Yoga has different limbs and I may not know exactly which aspect you are interested. However, there are some books which are essential and which can help you not only understanding yoga as a whole, but also add to your knowledge base. Check these below.

Yoga Lifestyle Books For Beginners

As a yoga beginner, it is always advisable to have a knowledge of what you are getting yourself into, especially on the basic beginner yoga poses. There are several videos of yogis who have perfected the art of yoga. However, as a beginner, those poses may seem challenging at first, so it is usually advisable to have proper knowledge and know where to start from. To help you with that, here are beginners’ yoga lifestyle books which will help you a great deal.

Yoga For Beginners By Cory Martin,204,203,200_.jpg

 This book is written by Cory Martin, a yoga teacher. The book gives 35 simple poses of yoga which will help in calming the mind while at the same time strengthening the body. To help the reader, the author has divide the book into 7 chapters which are essential to a yoga beginner. It touches on the basics of yoga, essential poses, nutrition, meditations and other essential yoga aspects.

Yoga For Beginners By Emily Oddo

Yoga For Beginners: Your Guide To Master Yoga Poses While Strengthening Your Body, Calming Your Mind And Be Stress Free!: (yoga meditation, yoga book, yoga girl, yoga asanas, yoga bible ) by [Oddo, Emily]

 This book will help you understand the history of yoga, what benefits one can derive from yoga, and as beginner, what exactly you need to do. As if that was not enough, this yoga lifestyle book will help you know and practice different yoga postures. Since yoga helps in bringing a connection between the body and the mind through body movements and breathing, this makes your body flexible and also relaxes your mind.

Yoga For Beginners By Elliot Wood

Yoga For Beginners: The First Step of Yoga Practice. Essential Requirements for Health Benefits. Improve Your Mind, Body and Spirit. by [Wood, Elliot]

 If you are new to yoga, then this book is for you. Apart from it giving the history of yoga, this book highlights for you the reasons why you should practice yoga.  Not only that, it gives a detailed discussions of the different yoga poses for a beginner. As a beginner, breathing exercise is crucial, and this book enumerates the different breathing beginner exercises which also help in improving the capacity of the lungs.

Laughter Yoga By Madan Kataria

Laughter Yoga: Daily Laughter Practices for Health and Happiness by [Kataria, Madan]

Did you know that there is yoga laughter?, well, now you know. Yoga laughter is a book that will make you not only laugh, but also exercise at the same time. This is something that works, and you have got to try it. Yoga laughter is a book that will show you how to incorporate laughter in your daily life routine with no humorous stimuli. This is through a combination of yogic breathing geared at working out both the body and the mind.

Yoga Lifestyle Books For Chakra Healing

Ever heard of chakra in yoga? Well, the term chakra is translated to simply mean wheel. In yoga, it refers to spiritual energy within our bodies. They are seven in number and runs along the spine, back all through to the crown of the head.  Therefore, chakra exercises help in locating each of the seven chakras, assess and rebalances it. To help you in chakra healing or balancing, these books will be a good look into.

Chakra Healing For Beginners By John Marcus

Chakra Healing for Beginners: A Complete Guide to Discover, Awaken and Balance Your Chakras. Heal the Body and Increase Energy with Guided Meditations, Yoga and Chakra Clearing Practices. by [Marcus, John]

This book briefly gives the history of chakra and give hints on what you need to do in order for chakra to be effective. The book goes further to give benefits, as well as scientific reasons why chakra works, and why you should not hesitate to try it. If you are a beginner, you will need to learn on the chakra balancing and healing techniques, which are constituted in this book. As a bonus, the book also gives additional chakra enhancing techniques.

Chakra Awakening By Nidra Stone

CHAKRA AWAKENING: The Step By Step Guide To Open Your Chakras And The Third Eye.  Activate The Pineal Gland To Achieve Greater Awareness  And Increase Mind Power With Kundalini Yoga by [STONE, NIDRA CRYSTAL]

This an easy to read book that gives a tutorial on chakra awakening. It first explains the meaning of chakra and its significance. In addition, it explains how to awaken kundalini and its effects on both the mind and the emotions. If you are looking for an in-depth understanding of chakra and how to practice it, then this is your  to-go book. Ask a yogi and he will tell you that meditation is a practice that is sometimes underrated, but has several benefits to the mind. This book gives a clear explanation on what meditation is and its associated benefits to the body.

Yoga Lifestyle Books For Yoga Meditation

One thing to understand is that yoga is not simply concerned with the poses. Yoga meditation cannot be separated from these exercises since they all lead to meditation considering that breathing is involved. Put together, a steady pose and conscious breathing will all encompass a meditation state. Probably you are wondering, are there books that touch on meditation? Well, yes. There are books which can help you in learning this process. May be you need to have a look at the ones below

Meditation From The Mat By Rolf Gates And Katrina Kenison,204,203,200_.jpg

 The writing style of this book is quite interesting. There are several books that touch on the physical aspect of yoga, however, this book delves into the spiritual aspects of yoga. The books discusses the 8 limps of yoga, giving details on how you can integrate the teachings of yoga mindfulness into your daily reflections. Irrespective of the time of the day in which the routine is used, the daily reflections presented in this yoga lifestyle book will help enhance your yoga journey.

Yoga Meditation By Gregor Maehle,204,203,200_.jpg

This book elaborates how different yoga techniques can help you be spiritually free through chakras, kundalini and mantra. In its step by step elucidation of the technique of meditation, you will learn the yogic meditation secret. The book also offers an explanation of the benefit of Kundalini as it supports meditation.

Yoga Lifestyle Books For Kids

If you thought that yoga is only for adults, then you are wrong. Children also should engage in yoga as it has loads of benefits to their body and mind. Among the benefits of yoga for kids include; it boosts their self-esteem, increases kids physical flexibility, increases their concentration levels, and also strengthens the connection between their mind and the body. There are yoga lifestyle books which can help the kids in this routine. Some of them are listed below.

Good Morning Yoga By Mariam Gates

Good Morning Yoga: A Pose-by-Pose Wake Up Story (Good Night Yoga Book 2) by [Gates, Mariam]

 This yoga book help kids learn how to relax, self sooth, focus and also self-monitor, which are also aspects of yoga. The book gives illustrations of yoga postures in an exciting way which helps the children in their understanding, and makes it fun to practice. It suits kids of different ages and it is also attractive, eliminating the boring aspects in some books. Another of her books for kids is Good Night Yoga and Breathe with Me.

Go Go Yoga For Kids By Sara Weis

Go Go Yoga for Kids: Yoga Lessons for Children by [Weis, Sara J.]

 This is a yoga book that provides introductory yoga lessons for kids. It provides invaluable resources and tools that will help your kid learn yoga. This book will teach on the benefits of yoga, and contains organized step-by- step learning techniques and other game ideas. The creativity in this book makes yoga for kids to be a fun affair.

I Am Peace By Susan Verde And Peter H. Reynolds

I Am Peace: A Book of Mindfulness by [Verde, Susan]

 This is a book that touches on mindfulness and will help kids gain an understanding on mindfulness, and provide them with some peace of mind. How is this yoga related? you may ask. Meditation/mindfulness and yoga re not mutually exclusive, and therefore, this book shapes the mind on how kids will view things. This book will teach your kid on self-awareness and being mindful.


Everyone can learn yoga, and there are several books for every age bracket; both for beginners and those at an advanced stage. Although these are just some recommendations of yoga lifestyle books, there are still several others which you can explore, do not feel limited. However, if you want some additional recommendations, either for adults or for kids, do not hesitate to contact us. You can either leave your commend below or can reach us via email. I hope you enjoyed your reading! let’s interact in the comment section.

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